Phase IV - Action Planning Phase

Creating New Solutions for Old Problems and New Times

In the Action Planning Phase. which took place from July through November 2000, teams of citizens developed strategies and action steps to make the Vision a reality by 2020. These recommendations were presented for adoption and implementation to the City, County, business and industry, education, the non profit sector, and the community at large.

Vision Report

Much intense work was accomplished in Phase IV in a very concentrated period of time. This work was carried out by 7 Vision Forces (task forces) consisting of approximately 15 individuals each. The Vision 2020 Facilitation Team integrated the work of the 7 Vision Forces into a comprehensive strategy to achieve the Vision.

Vision Force members served as individuals, not as representatives of a particular organization or constituency.

These individuals were selected because of their integrity; open-mindedness; interest and/or experience in the Vision area addressed by their Vision force; and commitment to the future of Bakersfield. The mix of individuals also reflects demographic diversity and people from across Greater Bakersfield. Representatives of the City and the County will also be active participants.

In keeping with the open, inclusive character of the Vision 2020 process, Vision Force meetings were open to the community and all residents who wished to provide input. Minutes of Vision Force meetings were be posted on the website.

In keeping with Vision 2020s stated objective to not duplicate existing efforts, input was also solicited from various community groups and organizations who may already be addressing one or more elements of the Vision.

The Vision Forces objectives were to leverage on-going efforts while also seeking to create new solutions to existing problems.


Vision Forces

Quality of Life

  • John Pryor, Chair
  • Kay Pitts, Recorder/Facilitator
  • Dana Adams
  • Gayle Batey
  • Christina Blaine
  • Gene Bogart
  • Dave Kilpatrick
  • Pauline Larwood
  • Ginger Moorhouse
  • Don Murfin
  • Joe OBannon
  • Jeannie Omel
  • David Price III
  • Jeanne Radsick
  • Bill Rector
  • Ed Spaulding
  • Claudia True
  • Linda Urata
  • Greg Williams (ASQ Resource)

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Economic Development

  • Ed Hickman, Chair
  • Sheryl Barbich, Recorder/Facilitator
  • Manual Arriola
  • Keith Brice
  • Alan Christensen
  • Patrick Collins
  • Mark Evans
  • Fred Drew
  • Chris Frank
  • Guy Greenlee
  • Harvey Hall
  • John Nilon
  • Harley Pinson
  • Barbara Patrick
  • Rick Roper
  • Judy Salamacha
  • John Stovall
  • Gene Voiland
  • Tom See (ASQ Resource)

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Downtown: Heart of the City

  • Shirlyn Davenport, Chair
  • Patti Coffman, Recorder/Facilitator
  • Mel Atkinson
  • Sharon Banker
  • Pat DeMond
  • Carola Rupert-Enriquez
  • Bernie Herman
  • Bruce Keith
  • Marti Kemper
  • David Milazzo
  • Larry Reider
  • Mike Russo
  • Dee Slade
  • Gene Spinozzi
  • John Stinson

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Youth and Family

  • Tom Corson, Co-chair
  • Kate Hersberger, Co-chair
  • Mary McCabe, Recorder/Facilitator
  • Tony Ayon
  • Kevin Burton
  • Sheryl Chalupa
  • Deanna Cloud
  • Isaiah Crompton
  • Stan Ford
  • Leslie Golich
  • Khris Grasty
  • Miriam Krehbiel
  • Eric Matlock
  • Magda Menendez
  • Stephanie Prince
  • Steve Sanders
  • Mickey & Chris Sturdavaint
  • Vernon Valenzuela
  • Heather West
  • Marty Williamson
  • Frank Kane (ASQ Resource)

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Community Planning & Transportation

  • Ken Carter, Co-Chair
  • Roger McIntosh, Co-Chair
  • Andrea Lahocki, Recorder/Facilitator
  • Ray Bishop
  • Stephan DeBranch
  • Ron Brummett
  • Greg Bynum
  • Lois Chaney
  • David Couch
  • Marvin Dean
  • Brandi DelaGarza
  • John Fallgatter
  • Greg Gallion
  • Jack Hardisty
  • Barbara Harris
  • Ted James
  • Jacques LaRochelle
  • Mike Maggard
  • Chester Moland
  • Rod Palla
  • Jack Pandol
  • Craig Pope
  • Jeanne Radsick
  • Herman Ruddell
  • Howard Silver
  • Peter Smith
  • Brian Todd
  • Jeff Williams
  • Dr. Dennis Guseman (ASQ)

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Education & Life-long Learning

  • Lou Barbich, Chair
  • Judy Newman, Recorder/Facilitator
  • Mike Butcher
  • Mike Chertok
  • Laura Dennison
  • Jim Etcheverry
  • Jean Fuller
  • Jim George
  • Gloria Guerra-Scott
  • Lynne Hall
  • Bill Hatcher
  • John Hefner
  • Joan Herman
  • Lisa King
  • JoAnn Merritt
  • Bob Ortiz
  • Cheryl Palla
  • Larry Reider
  • Willy Sandoval
  • Wade Tavorn
  • Chantel Washington
  • Wendy Wayne
  • George Lusk (ASQ Resource)

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  • Michele Allen, Co-chair
  • Danielle McKinney, Co-chair
  • Peggy Dewane-Pope, Recorder
  • Morgan Clayton
  • Patrick Collins
  • Della Hodson
  • John Meroski
  • Debbie Moreno
  • Paul Pavletich
  • Mayor Bob Price
  • Barry Zoeller

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